Recipe: Bacon, Cheese & Spinach Pancakes:


For pancake mixture:

– 2 eggs

Р250g of flour 

(you can use either plain or self raising flour. For a thinner, more flexible pancake use plain flour, for a fluffier, thicker pancake use self raising)

– 200ml of milk

– 100 ml of beer (or extra milk)

– Pinch of salt


Mix eggs and milk and whisk. Sift in flour while stirring. It will have the consistency of thick cake mix. Whisk until smooth. Add the beer (this gives a lighter pancake with crispier edge) or more milk if preferred. Add a good sized pinch of salt. The mixture is ready to use. If you would like a thicker mix add more flour. If you prefer a thinner mix add more milk.

For the filling:

Wilted spinach (or other finely chopped greens) fried with some freshly grated nut meg

Grated cheese of choice

Bacon cut into thin strips and fried

Pour a ladle full of pancake mix onto a hot buttered pan. Flip when cooked. Add the spinach, grated cheese and bacon onto the top of the pancake while the other side cooks. Roll up the pancake in the pan and remove. Alternatively, you can make a stack of pancakes and then roll in the filling ingredients. Microwave the filled pancakes briefly to melt the cheese. This is recommended if cooking with children.

Serve with garnish of choice (cress and edible flowers work well, as do blueberries or strawberries) and add a drizzle of maple syrup.