Abattoir Services

About Us

Due to restructuring in these difficult times we have now closed our abattoir. JV Richards will now carryout the slaughter service for us. With excellent facilities and high ethical practices your animals will be slaughtered and then transported back to us to be skilfully prepared to your requirements.

Whether it is cattle, sheep, goats or pigs you can be assured of a continued quality service from L. George Butchers.

Why Choose us?

Having your livestock slaughtered in a licensed abattoir and cut up and packed in a registered butchery premises will allow you to legally sell the prepared meat locally, either from the farm gate or at a farmer’s market. We offer a bespoke service to ensure customers receive meat to their specification and have cold storage facilities available.


The slaughter charge covers all inspection charges, storage and waste collection. Preparation of your meat is charged by the kg on the carcass dead weight, inclusive of all the cuttings, packing and labelling.

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Whether you are a small holder or large farm, we can offer a tailored service to suit your requirements. If you have an enquiry about our Cornwall abattoir services, simply fill out the form below and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as we can. Or call us today!